Asthma and Hayfever

It has been found that four out of five people with asthma also suffer from hayfever (allergic rhinitis), either at certain times of the year or throughout the year. If you suffer from an itchy, runny or blocked nose due to allergies, it could make your asthma harder to control.

Talk to your Friendly Pharmacists to find out how to effectively treat hayfever symptoms and gain better control of your asthma. For more information about Asthma visit the National Asthma Council of Australia at:

  • Runny nose, with or without watery eyes

  • Itchy nose, throat or eyes

  • Frequently blocked nose

  • Sneezing

  • Unexplained bad breath

  • Mouth breathing

  • Snoring

  • Husky or hoarse voice

  • Always seem to be getting a cold

  • Frequent sore throats

  • Throat-clearing cough

  • Facial pain and pressure

  • Unexplained headaches

  • Frequent middle ear infections

  • Weak or lost sense of smell

  • Sleeping badly

  • Breathing problems even when your asthma is well controlled

Is your nose making your asthma worse?

Have you had hayfever (allergic rhinitis), sinus problems (sinusitis) or been advised by your doctor that your irritated nose and eyes are caused by allergy?

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms?


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